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Drunk Man Sleeping On The Floor In A Train In Japan

This is a photo that has been circulating the net recently so you may have already seen it but I thought that I would post it since it’s absolutely hilarious especially with the woman and man cheekily watching him from … Continue reading

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Guards Are Patrolling The Restrooms In The Tokia Building!?

Say what?? According to the sign in the first photo, guards are patrolling the restrooms in the Tokia Building next to Tokyo station!?! 😛 Share this:

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Japanese T-Shirt – It Gets On The Mama

Walking around Tokyo you will notice a huge array of T-shirts most of which have funny nonsensical slogans splashed across them. Came across this T-shirt in a branch of Don Quixote today. Don’t ask me what “It Gets On The … Continue reading

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Random Sleeping Drunk People

As mentioned in my previous Tokyo Metro Posters post, a common sight at night in Tokyo is of people passed out on the trains, in stations and on the streets (many of them actually end up staying there the whole … Continue reading

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