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Arata Fujiwara At The Maui Marathon 2012 Expo

This is a photo of when I met Arata Fujiwara – the Japanese marathon runner who finished 2nd in Tokyo marathon this year – at the Maui marathon expo 2 months ago. I went to Maui to run the half marathon … Continue reading

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Fauchon Le Matcha Green Tea Drink

Matcha in a can! French gourmet food company Fauchon has released a new canned matcha green tea drink in Japan! It’s actually surprisingly good value considering that matcha is the more expensive version of green tea and costs just over £1 in most … Continue reading

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Caesar Salad, Spicy Cheese And Ginger Chicken Flavour Jyagariko

More limited edition Jyagariko! I can’t stop eating it! :S The spicy cheese jyagariko has a very subtle cheese flavour and is more peppery than anything. The caesar salad tastes a lot like the spicy cheese flavour but has a … Continue reading

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Eh, No Diving Into The Toilet??

Spotted a funny sign in a toilet the other day. It looks like it’s trying to tell people not to dive into the toilet bowl 🙂 In the old days, the toilets in Japan weren’t like Western style toilets and they … Continue reading

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Bitter Sweets Buffet Shinjuku

Always on the lookout for good buffets in Tokyo, I came across Bitter Sweets Buffet on the 8th floor of the Lumine Est building next to Shinjuku station. Bitter Sweets Buffet is a fantastic buffet, half of which is mostly … Continue reading

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Konaya Curry Udon Bangkok!

You will probably have guessed by now that I’m obsessed with Konaya’s curry udon as you can see from my previous Konaya Curry Udon Post and Konaya Soup Curry Post 🙂 So you can imagine my delight in finding a … Continue reading

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Drunk Man Sleeping On The Floor In A Train In Japan

This is a photo that has been circulating the net recently so you may have already seen it but I thought that I would post it since it’s absolutely hilarious especially with the woman and man cheekily watching him from … Continue reading

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Konaya Soup Curry

I picked up this packet of Konaya Soup Curry on a recent visit to my favourite curry udon restaurant Konaya to see how it compared to the actual curry udon soup served in the restaurant. It’s very easy to make … Continue reading

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Morinaga Choco Chip Pancake Mix

I’d had this pack of Morinaga Choco Chip instant pancake mix sitting in my cupboard for a while so I decided to try it out for breakfast today. It’s very easy to make, you just mix together 1 egg with … Continue reading

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Uniqlo Hello Kitson T-Shirt

Was given this super cute Uniqlo Hello Kitson T-shirt today. Kitson and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty have teamed up with Uniqlo in Japan to produce a collection of limited edition Hello Kitson T-Shirts featuring images of Hello Kitty holding Kitson bags. … Continue reading

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