Eh, No Diving Into The Toilet??

Funny Japanese No Diving Into The Toilet SignSpotted a funny sign in a toilet the other day. It looks like it’s trying to tell people not to dive into the toilet bowl 🙂

Japanese Style Toilet

In the old days, the toilets in Japan weren’t like Western style toilets and they were (and sometimes still are) like in the photo above.

How To Use A Japanese Toilet

So according to the sign above on how to use a Japanese style toilet, I think the “No Diving” sign was probably trying to tell people not to use the toilet in the way you would use a Japanese style one. I would be really surprised though if people in Japan didn’t know how to use a Western style toilet since the majority of public toilets are Western style!

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One Response to Eh, No Diving Into The Toilet??

  1. gold account says:

    The first time you use a Japanese toilet it feels strange, but you get used to it quickly. Actually a majority of toilets you will use in Japan (except in old buildings and schools) are western style or have the option of a Western style toilet. Your choice is either the Japanese style squat type or the western type with a lot of buttons that do strange things.

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