Konaya Curry Udon

Konaya Curry Udon - Prawn Tempura Curry Udon (Ebiten Curry Udon)

Konaya Curry Udon - Prawn Tempura Curry Udon (Ebiten Curry Udon)

One type of Japanese food that I could eat every day and never get tired of is curry udon. But not just any old Japanese curry udon, it has to be Konaya curry udon! I’m not particularly partial to normal Japanese curry udon and when people ask me what my favourite dish is and I say curry udon, I usually get a lot of confused or surprised looks. However Konaya curry udon is very different from the usual curry udon. The curry soup has a very unique flavour and is boiled thoroughly for three days until it has a thick and creamy consistency. It has a mild spicy and sweet flavour and is supposed to be made from twenty two different ingredients and spices. The udon itself is cooked almost al dente and has a firm and chewy texture.

The curry udon can be eaten plain or with one of several different toppings including prawn tempura, beef with collagen, cheese, boiled vegetables, fried tofu, deep fried rice cake and even tempura banana! I would definitely recommend the prawn tempura as the prawn is big and juicy and always perfectly cooked in a crunchy thick tempura batter. The udon always comes with a small side salad but you can order a side dish of brown rice which is great for eating with the remaining curry soup in the bowl after eating all the udon.

Konaya’s specialty is it’s curry udon but for those who prefer rice, the curry soup can be eaten with rice instead. They have also recently started serving udon with a plain dashi broth but I’m yet to try this as I can never resist ordering the udon with their curry soup!

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3 Responses to Konaya Curry Udon

  1. I wish Konaya would open up a chain of restaurants in Europe. I think they’ve opened up one or two in Thailand.

  2. For those of you who like to hit the ski slopes, curry-udon can often be found on the lunch menu at various ski resorts around Japan – highly recommended for both restoring the warmth to your toes and refueling your energy ready for some more skiing/boarding action in the afternoon. This is perhaps the most satisfying way to eat it – a local recipe served up piping hot when you are really cold and hungry. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!

  3. silver price says:

    I discovered new Curry Udon restaurant in Japan. I went to Aoyama to have my hair cut during my visit. And this was the first time I went to this beauty salon. It took me about 5 hrs to finish styling my hair. Anyway, I was very hungry because I didn’t eat anything at all that day! Around 8pm, I asked my beautician where I should go to eat quickly. I didn’t want to McDonald or any Western style fast food place. She said I should go to Senkichi Curry Udon Restaurant on the way to go the subway station. I have never heard of this restaurant’s name before. So I was thinking this is a small mom and pop kind of restaurant. I was wrong. It is a chain Udon restaurant. Wow! Since I left Japan, they are always changing. Just like the salon people said, it is a good tasting restaurant and inexpensive. I think it was 680yen. (About $7 U.S. dollar) Usually, curry udon is a darker colored soup, but this is a creamy looking soup. I was happy that I could eat something new, and didn’t go to McDonalds.

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