Random Sleeping Drunk People

As mentioned in my previous Tokyo Metro Posters post, a common sight at night in Tokyo is of people passed out on the trains, in stations and on the streets (many of them actually end up staying there the whole night!).

A friend of mine recently fell asleep on the JR Yamanote Line after going to nomihoudai (all you can drink) and ended up at the same stop that he started at (the Yamanote line travels in a circle). Unfortunately that was the last train so he couldn’t go home and because a taxi back to his house costs around ¥30,000 or currently about US$360 he decided to sleep in the station with his gym bag as a pillow! Unfortunately when he woke up his bag was stolen which is very unusual since theft is fairly uncommon in Japan. Luckily they didn’t take his wallet and mobile which was in his pocket.

Actually a lot of Japanese people that I’ve spoken to, both men and women, have at one time or another been completely comatosed that they ended up sleeping on the street or if they missed their last train they slept in a 24 hour internet cafe or karaoke room.

Here’s a couple of photos that I recently took of some funny random sleeping drunk people!

Drunk Man Sleeping Sitting On Rucksack In Shin Okubo Station

Drunk Man Sleeping On Bench Outside Alps Izakaya In Shinjuku

You can even find some during the day! The following photo was taken outside my school Kai Japanese Language School in Shin Okubo.

Drunk Man Sleeping During The Daytime Outside My Japanese Language School In Shin Okubo

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